Heybrook Primary and Nursery

Heybrook Primary and Nursery School

Values and Ethos


Be Happy  
We believe that in order for our children to be happy, they need to feel valued and important. The staff know and nurture them, understanding they need to feel safe in order to learn. In order to feel happy, we aspire for them to feel excited about their learning, curious to know more and to take risks. Our children have their own opinions about the world and the skills to articulate them. They know their voice is important.

Be Healthy

At Heybrook, we believe that we have a duty to ensure our staff, children and their families thrive physically and mentally.  We aspire for children to be emotionally resilient and understand how to look after their own emotional wellbeing. Through our curriculum, children have the knowledge about how to live a healthy lifestyle.   

Be Successful 
We aspire to cherish and cultivate the potential in all our children and staff, growing learners and leaders. Through our nurturing environment, we promote optimism and develop self belief and ambition. All our children and staff can be successful. Our children and staff are role models who respect and celebrate each other.

Learning Together 

Our children are powerful members of their local and global community. By learning with and from their community, they make meaningful contributions and learn in memorable ways, both from the Rochdale and wider communities